Due to the positive business development and the associated steady growth of the Evosys family at the Erlangen site and in North America, a further relocation of the service subsidiary “Evosys Laser Services GmbH” and the branch office “Evosys North America Corporation” in USA was unavoidable.

At the beginning of October, the Evosys service subsidiary “Evosys Laser Services GmbH” left the parent company’s premises three years after its foundation. After the office and production areas had become too small, the move could not be postponed any longer. Thanks to the development of the new space, there will also be enough room for all employees and the entire production in the future.

Evosys had the opportunity to rent the first floor of Pantel AG in the office building right next door. Only the small addition “A” in the address reveals the change with a big impact. With the new premises of over 600 square meters, Evosys Laser Services (ELS) now has enough space to grow with its employees and turnover.
The move went quickly and smoothly. Production moved into the new premises at the beginning of October before the offices followed in mid-October. Fortunately, the two companies remain closely linked thanks to the proximity of the buildings. Only a courtyard separate both companies.

The production areas in the new ELS building now offer enough space

The new address is now officially:

Evosys Laser Services GmbH
Felix-Klein-Straße 75A
91058 Erlangen

Important information at this point – due to the move, the head office of Evosys Laser Services GmbH (ELS) has been given a new telephone number. This is now +49 9131 40180-0. Fortunately, e-mail addresses and all other contact options remain unchanged.
At the parent company EVOSYS, all address data and telephone numbers remain unchanged. We celebrated the successful move today with a barbecue on the courtyard.

The reasons for the moving in Detroit, North America were very similar. Here too, the lack of space was the main factor for the change. New, larger premises were needed to ensure that operations could continue to run without interruptions in the future. The move took place in May and the fact that it was only a ten-minute drive between the two locations and the good advance planning by Managing Director Denis Wittmaier also made the move quickly and without any difficulties.
The usable space, which is now twice as large as before, is currently used half as a production and installation area for the machines and half as an office with a meeting room.

You can now find our branch in the USA at the following address:

Evosys North America Corporation
1659 West Hamlin Road, Unit G
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309

Entrance door of the new branch in Michigan