Process module for contour and quasi-simultan welding

EVO 0800-TD-2

EVO 0800-TD is a slim process module with customized optics for contour or quasi-simultaneous welding of plastics.

The robustly designed welding unit is optimized for integration into automation environments.

EVO 0800-TD-2 is predestined for even shorter cycle times. In this variant, two assemblies are welded per cycle. Parameterization and quality assurance of the two welds are always carried out independently of each other.

This minimizes non-productive time and increases output, while requiring comparatively little space.

During setup, each EVO 0800-TD passes through the unique CQC calibration concept of Evosys Laser GmbH, which ensures the comparability of the systems.

  • Shortest cycle times

  • Standard control

  • Easy integration into automated assembly lines

  • 100% process monitoring