With our state-of-the-art research and development center we support them in product optimization.

Our technical center is an in-house research and development center. Sample welding, trials and material tests are carried out there in interdisciplinary teams. We accompany you through the steps from prototype production to series production. Your processes and products can be extensively tested and optimized in our technical center. We thus guarantee you high quality and continuous optimization.

We at EVOSYS offer you decades of testing experience. Our experts support you in the selection of materials, the design as well as in the development of new processes.

Frequently asked questions about the technical center

  • Which plastics are suitable for laser welding?

    Thermoplastic elastomers. Thermoplastics have a special position among polymer materials because they are both meltable and plastically deformable. These two properties enable thermoplastics to be welded by laser. Two parts of similar thermoplastics can usually be welded without any problems. In the case of thermoplastics of different types, the basic requirement is minimum chemical and thermal compatibility and overlapping of the melting ranges of the materials to be welded.

    If you have any questions about materials, please contact us.

  • When can trials be done with our product?

    Tests can be carried out at any time. Please feel free to contact us: Contact.

  • How do the tests in the Technical center work?

    You determine which parts and materials are to be welded. In consultation with us, you send us sample parts. After parameter determination, an analysis of the sample parts, weld seam quality and feasibility check is carried out.

  • What happens to the processed test material?

    The sample parts sent in will be returned to you immediately after the tests with a test report.

  • Can we join in on the trials?

    Yes, you are welcome to look over the shoulders of our experts in the technical center.

  • Is it possible to obtain documentation of the tests?

    Yes, each test is comprehensively logged and analytically evaluated. The sampling report will be provided to you after completion of the test series.