Process module for quasi-simulatan welding

EVO 0800-TD

EVO 0800-TD is a slim process module with customized lasers and optics for contour or quasi-simultaneous welding of plastics.

Out of the box, all components relevant for the welding process are part of the process module. The joining force required for the welding process is realized by the integrated clamping module. The clamping movement takes place in the so-called top-down clamping concept from top to bottom, whereby the clamping force can be parameterized.

The welding unit is optimized for drag-and-drop integration into different automation environments.

The EVO 0800-TD is designed from the ground up to be compact and robust, and at the same time highly flexible so that a wide variety of assemblies can be processed.

During assembly, each EVO 0800-TD passes through Evosys Laser GmbH’s unique CQC calibration concept, which ensures system comparability.

EVO 0800-TD is a flexible processing unit that can be integrated. Its space-saving design allows it to fit into almost any production environment. All components such as laser, control system and supply unit are integrated in the control cabinet or the plug-in module.

EVO 0800-TD-2 is predestined for even shorter cycle times. In this variant, two assemblies are welded per cycle. Parameterization and quality assurance of the two welds are always carried out independently of each other.

  • Customized laser optics

  • Highly flexible

  • Low space requirement

  • 100% process monitoring

  • Shortest cycle time