Advanced quasi-simultaneous welding (AQW) of plastics is a new, patented variant of laser welding of plastics. In this process, two laser beam sources and wavelengths are combined alternately. As a result, the introduction of radiation energy and heat into each joining partner can be better controlled. It enables a more reliable and faster welding process.

Due to the wavelength of the secondary laser radiation, more energy is absorbed in the transmissive joining partner during the entire process. This increases the plasticized and melted material volume of the laser-transparent part. By switching between the two beams, the total amount of energy introduced into the joint area can be increased without damaging the absorbing or transparent layer.

Tests with the Advanced Quasi-Simultaneous Welding process show that a significant improvement in process time and weld strength is possible compared to the standard process with only one laser source.

Advanced quasi-simultaneous welding of plastic is not limited to contour welding, but aims in particular to significantly reduce welding times and extend the process window in conventional quasi-simultaneous welding.

The AQW process can be controlled very well inline with the appropriate process monitoring and process software.