The MiCD (Mirror Clamping Device) clamping tool from Evosys has received an American patent as a useful new innovation. The special feature: The tool is made entirely of metal and contains an internal clamping punch to be able to transfer very high clamping forces.

US patent for MiCD

This inner clamping punch is firmly connected to the outer clamping technology via a stable strut. In practice, the combination of outer and inner clamping stamps is often used to ensure that the upper joining partner is not deformed during welding. This risk exists if, for example, pressure is only applied on the outside.

It is also important that the MiCD ensures direct energy input into the whole joining zone. The laser beam hits the welding bar of the joining assembly directly or via mirrors. As a result, there are no interfering contours between the laser optics and the joining zone that would lead to energy losses.

Thanks to this patented design, clean, homogeneous, energy-efficient and tight laser-welded seams can be produced with even greater process reliability and stability.

In addition, the significantly improved clamping pressure situation leads to a significantly faster welding process, which increases the output in series production thanks to reduced cycle times.

The absence of glass and the use of stable metal reduces wear and automatically increases the availability of the machine. Compared to other clamping tools with Plexiglas, real glass or only external clamping technology, the risk of failure during the series production process can be minimized by using the new EVOSYS MiCD. Of course, the laser system can also be converted using a quick-change system so that another clamping tool can produce a different product.

This development makes completely new component geometries and sizes possible.

Example of a laser-welded automotive component (sub-component of an assembly)
MiCD (Mirror Clamping Device) – full metal clamping tool from EVOSYS