The EvoWeld Mini from Evosys Laser GmbH in Erlangen is the latest addition to the turnkey systems available in the EvoWeld series. The extremely compact tabletop machine features a conclusive, ergonomic and economical overall concept.

Erlangen, August 2022: Welding plastics has many advantages typical of the process. It convinces with particle-free, gentle and high-quality processing. Combined with its proven cost-effectiveness and reliability, it is today the method of choice worldwide when it comes to joining plastic parts in 24/7 series production. Now the Erlangen-based company has developed the new EvoWeld Mini. The table-top system is precisely tailored to the processing of small batches such as prototypes or assemblies with low volumes. This means that this process can also be used for smaller quantities or for laboratory operations.

With a compact installation space that manages with a footprint of just 320×663 mm² and a height of 533mm, the system, which is designed as a tabletop unit, has everything that is needed for laser welding. Of course, it also complies with laser class 1, which means that no further protective equipment is required during operation. All essential components are already included in the basic version. Integrated in the housing are the laser including cooling, beam shaping and guiding, and the necessary control components.

To increase flexibility and operability, the EvoWeld Mini is equipped with a galvanometer scanner. This enables the contour and quasi-simultaneous welding process variants commonly used in industry. Weld contours are programmed and adapted using the intuitive EvoLaP process software. This makes it very easy to transfer welding processes developed on the EvoWeld Mini to the more highly automated products from the Evosys portfolio. Various extensions for process and quality monitoring are optionally available for the welding system.

“Set it up, connect it, weld it! The new EvoWeld Mini will significantly continue our EvoWeld series.” Frank Brunnecker and Holger Aldebert, managing directors of Evosys Laser GmbH, are convinced of this.

At K show 2022 in Düsseldorf, the EvoWeld Mini will be on display “live” with welding demonstrations. The EVOSYS booth in Hall 11, A53 will also feature other exhibits, such as the new EVO 0800TD process module with top-down function.

The EvoWeld Mini from Evosys Laser GmbH in Erlangen is the new compact table-top system for laser
welding of plastics
The new EvoWeld Mini offers a small footprint and easy handling.

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