Innovative developments around laser material processing improve productivity and quality and thus customer benefits. However, they are usually associated with a high level of financial and personnel expenditure, which is incurred well before they are marketed. To ensure that these investments are returned and thus open up the possibilities for future developments, the EVOSYS Group has been safeguarding its key innovations through patent applications since the company was founded.

Despite the young history of the company, the first innovative idea was already registered in 2016 and the oldest patent of Evosys Laser GmbH was already granted in 2019. The invention with patent number DE 10 2018 117 734 relates to a component fixture for laser welding. With this device, the weld seam quality and process stability can be significantly improved during laser welding of two transparent joining parts with the EvoClear process.

Another key innovation is Advanced Quasi-simultaneous Welding (AQW), a new variant of laser welding of plastics that combines two laser beam sources and wavelengths. This approach is not limited to contour welding, but is aimed in particular at significantly reducing welding times and extending the process window in quasi-simultaneous welding. By using two different wavelengths, the input of radiant energy and heat into each joining partner can be better controlled, enabling a more reliable and faster welding process. The European patent for this innovative process was already granted in 2020.

Principle of AQW welding

Today, the EVOSYS Group already holds more than 20 patents and trademarks worldwide, and new innovative ideas and applications are regularly added. Do you have any further questions or would you like a personal meeting? Then please feel free to contact us at +49 9131 – 4088 – 1052 (Mr. Christian Ebenhöh).