Today, the laser is an established tool in many areas of production. Due to the high precision, the locally well dosed energy input and last but not least the cleanliness, this tool has secured a firm place in manufacturing.

At EVOSYS, we focus on laser plastic welding, laser soldering and micrometal welding with lasers in the automotive, medtech and consumer sectors in order to offer you the best possible solution. What they all have in common are the basic system technology requirements. This ensures that you receive the most economical solution in the long term.

Applications in the automotive industry range from sensor and fluidic components to assemblies in the interior and design components in the bodywork area. In medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, devices and consumables can be produced particularly hygienically by laser. And in the consumer sector, numerous applications are conceivable, such as components for smartphones, printers and other everyday devices.

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