Today, the laser is an established tool in many areas of production. Due to the high precision, the locally well dosed energy input and last but not least the cleanliness, this tool has secured a firm place in manufacturing.

At EVOSYS, we focus on laser plastic welding, laser soldering and micrometal welding with lasers in the automotive, medtech and consumer sectors in order to offer you the best possible solution. What they all have in common are the basic system technology requirements. This ensures that you receive the most economical solution in the long term.

Applications in the automotive industry range from sensor and fluidic components to assemblies in the interior and design components in the bodywork area. In medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, devices and consumables can be produced particularly hygienically by laser. And in the consumer sector, numerous applications are conceivable, such as components for smartphones, printers and other everyday devices.

  • Automotive

    Mobile and innovative

    As a technology partner, we inspire our customers from the automotive industry with highly flexible and customized laser systems. We realize innovative joining solutions for trend-setting vehicle components from the interior and the powertrain to components for engine management, sensors for autonomous driving, electric drives or batteries. Our globally deployed systems are designed for smooth 24/7 production. We know how important our customers’ customers are, and in the Evosys Group we can deliver the right service right away.


    Laser welding of plastic has been an integral part of production in the automotive industry for more than 20 years. In addition to its flexibility, the industry appreciates that plastic welding has the following characteristics. It is

    • fast
    • clean
    • process-safe
    • economical

    Example of application

    Cover welding of a gearbox

    The assembly shown in the picture, made of PA6 GF30 natural/black, is joined by means of quasi-simultaneous welding. The laser welding process must be as economical as possible and reliably achieve a seal of the IP6K7 category.

    Kunststoffschweißen mit Laser im Automobilbau

    Due to the customer’s flexible production concept, which works with a belt transfer system, a solution based on our process modules was developed. The EVO 3800 is completely integrated, ensures laser class 1 and is equipped with all necessary communication interfaces. The process setup as well as any necessary adjustments are conveniently implemented with the EvoLaP process software.

    Further examples of laser-welded assemblies and components in vehicles

    • Rear view cameras
    • Tire pressure sensors
    • Clutch sensors
    • Crash sensors
    • ABS and ESP control units
    • Head-up display modules
    • Cockpit
    • Radio trims
    • Blinker lights
    • Taillights
    • Rear fog lights
  • Medtech

    Secure and reliable

    Due to the constant development of new treatment methods, the importance of reliable production processes in the healthcare sector is rapidly increasing. We support you with our engineers and their many years of experience in the field from the very first development steps for new products and associated joining tasks right through to the complete solution for your production. Absolute reliability, complete documentation and the implementation of the highest cleanliness requirements are always in the foreground. Laser welding of plastics is the ideal process to meet these requirements. Production according to GMP standards is easy to ensure with EVOSYS equipment.

    Predestined for innovative medical devices

    Laser welding of plastics is established as a safe joining process. Our EVOSYS specialists always find the optimal solutions for new products. In addition to flexibility, the industry appreciates that plastic welding has the following characteristics. It is

    • clean and particle-free
    • free from additives
    • reliable
    • suitable for the clean room

    Example of application

    Clear-transparent welded joint

    Laser welding with a wavelength of 2µm is particularly exciting for medical products. This can be used, for example, to process assemblies as shown in the picture. The big advantage: no additive is required! The process can be used with many common materials (PP, MABS, COC). For the production of very high quantities, the EVO 0800 integration systems are particularly suitable. They can be used in all standard automation solutions. Their advantage lies in easy integration and online process monitoring.

    Further examples of laser-welded components and consumables in medical technology

    • Balloon catheter
    • Housing for insulin dosage
    • Blood glucose meters
    • Containers for blood samples
    • Microtiter plates
    • Fluid bags
    • Tube connections
  • Consumer

    Schnell und Wirtschaftlich

    Miniaturisierung, Design und extreme Packungsdichte sind die häufigsten Wünsche auf die wir im Bereich von Consumer-Produkten treffen. Mit unserem Prozess- und Produktionswissen unterstützen wir schon frühzeitig. Damit können Ziele meistens noch übertroffen werden. Aber auch bei ganz alltäglichen Produkten kann das Laserschweißen von Kunststoff die beste Option sein. Anlagen von EVOSYS sind in jedem Fall die beste Wahl.

    Pluspunkte von A bis Z

    Das Laserschweißen von Kunststoff eignet sich hervorragend für nahezu alle Fügeaufgaben. Neben der extrem hohen Wirtschaftlichkeit schätzen Anwender vor allem diese Vorteile:

    • emissionsfrei
    • wartungsarm
    • schnell und präzise
    • robust


    Siphon im Sanitärbereich

    Wirtschaftlichkeit und Partikelfreiheit standen im Vordergrund dieser Anwendung. Auf Vorder- und Rückseite der Baugruppe aus Polyamid Natur/Schwarz wird jeweils ein Deckel mittels Quasisimultanschweißen gefügt.

    Aufgrund der gemischten Losfertigung mit anderen, ähnlichen Baugruppen ist ein Komplettsystem prädestiniert für die Produktion. Die EVO 2800 eignet sich aufgrund des intuitiven Bedienkonzepts, der leichten Prozessumstellung mittels der Prozesssoftware EvoLaP und der integrierten Prozessüberwachung besonders.

    Weitere Beispiele für lasergeschweisste Bauteile und Baugruppen in Elektronik- oder Konsumgütern

    • Tintenkartuschen für Drucker
    • Mikrofone in Smartphones
    • Linsensysteme in Smartphones
    • Displayabdeckungen für Haushaltsgeräte
    • Leuchtmittelabdeckungen

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