The EVOSYS Group can look back on the most successful financial year in the company’s history, despite the Corona pandemic and the worldwide supply bottlenecks. After consolidating the figures in the Group, it is clear that our expectations were exceeded and the future trend is right. Although the pandemic and the worldwide supply bottlenecks reduced the industry’s willingness to invest, the innovative and economical solutions of the EVOSYS Group were in demand. The long-standing, stable trend has continued in 2021. Sales increased again and despite investments in personnel, material stocks and location, the bottom line remained a good profit.

EVOSYS also got off to an excellent start in 2022. The positive trend from the fourth quarter of 2021 was maintained at the beginning of the year. Stable and sustainable business is particularly important to the company. We are not focusing on a single major customer and the quick win, but have positioned ourselves broadly from the outset. The EVOSYS Group is represented with its solutions in all important industries and is therefore less susceptible to fluctuations in individual sectors or markets.

EVOSYS is also proud of the renewed top rating of the company’s bank, which has supervised the business development since the company was founded and is informed in detail about the economic situation. Already in 2018 to 2020, the rating was brought to an excellent value, which is usually only achieved by companies that have been established on the market for a long time. This value was improved again in 2021. The bank praises in particular the high level of transparency and the sustainable, well-planned corporate development.

The overall excellent balance is also confirmed by the renewed nomination for the “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”. EVOSYS Laser GmbH has already reached the second stage of nomination for this