In the first months of the Corona pandemic, some people initially thought that the “home office” and videoconferencing were the solutions to all the questions surrounding a contemporary workplace. In the initial euphoria, the classic workplace in the office was already being replaced. But with the duration of the pandemic, employees and companies have had to realize that this development does not only bring advantages. In addition to very personal factors, be it the missing 150sqm loft with roof terrace or the family to which one is suddenly exposed full-time, there are also points in daily work that speak for the conventional office.

Evosys Laser GmbH is a highly innovative company that depends on constant communication among its employees. Often, thoughts are exchanged and further developed over a short coffee in the kitchen – a performance that even the best video conferencing cannot offer. This perception is supported by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who found that four out of five of all good creative ideas come from unplanned communication between employees.

To achieve this balancing act between a workplace for high concentration and open communication, the EVOSYS team invested in a new, open office environment at its main location at the beginning of the year. Here, the classic workstations and meeting facilities virtually merge into one another.

In addition, the new workstations have also optimized quite classic issues. In times when significantly more telephone calls or conferences are held, the acoustics of a room are of greater importance. This aspect was taken into account in the new office landscape and optimized to such an extent that stress-free and relaxed working is possible. Workplace ergonomics with height-adjustable desks and individually adaptable chairs are almost obligatory.

The EVOSYS team is thus well equipped to continue to provide our customers with the latest technology and highest quality as an innovation leader.