Weld seam inspection for e-vehicles

An increasing number of components in the automotive sector are made of plastic – mainly for cost reasons and to save weight. Recently, laser plastic welding has often been used as a joining technique. However, a downstream 100% inspection of the weld seams is recommended, especially for fluid-carrying lines – e.g. for battery cooling in electric vehicles. Intego offers a fully automatic 100% weld seam inspection for laser-welded plastic joints. By means of IR illumination and an appropriately designed camera, the quality of the weld seam can be directly evaluated without a significant increase in cycle time. Intego can thus make a significant contribution to product and process control.

Optical IR inspection of the weld seam using EvoInspect Vision

CORUS 3D measurement technology for fuel cells

Fuel cells represent an important building block for sustainable energy storage and energy use in the future. During production, a wide range of quality features must be recorded and checked, for example the shape of the gas-carrying channels, which are decisive for the flow rate. Furthermore, it is checked whether undesired elevations have appeared on the surface as a result of the coating process, which could possibly lead to damage when the stacks are assembled.

Step standard in 3D representation

CORUS 3D measuring system

For both inspection tasks, the high-resolution and fast 3D inspection by Intego’s CORUS system can be a solution. The basic system is adapted according to customer requirements, for example through increased resolution, adapted evaluation of complex structures or integration into existing production lines. In addition, the system can be supplemented by a specially developed thermographic inspection, which enables reliable crack detection.

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