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Automation solutions for laser welding of plastics

Especially for the production of high quantities, machines are needed which are suitable for the requirements of a fully automated industrial production. Laser welding of plastics is widely used in many production areas. Due to its advantages, the process has a high economic efficiency and a high system availability. Evosys Laser offers efficient systems for this purpose, which can be integrated very easily into modern production plants due to their compact design.

Many of the plastic welding systems used today are not manually operated workstations, but are designed for integration into fully automated systems. This results in a variety of requirements with regard to component handling and process control as well as data exchange with higher-level control systems. In particular, the individual welding stations must have the necessary mechanical and control interfaces.

Evosys Laser GmbH is a specialist for integrated solutions and can rely on many years of experience in this field. With our Out-Of-The-Box-Modules (OOTB) we offer suitable workstations with the appropriate system technology for each process variant. The EVO 0800, for example, can be used for both quasi-simultaneous and contour laser welding. The module is equipped with a compact standard control cabinet containing all essential components. It can be easily integrated into a conventional workpiece carrier system or into a rotary indexing table.

EVO 0800 process modules for integration into assembly lines
EVO 0800 process modules for integration into assembly lines

Another intelligent solution is the EVO 0700 for radial welding. Laser radiation and process monitoring are directed into the processing zone via a rotatable mirror arm. The module can be used, for example, for welding connectors at tube ends in the automotive industry or for radially symmetrical sensors and actuators.

EVO 0700 module for radial welding
EVO 0700 module for radial welding

In order to ensure that the welding systems work as trouble-free as possible in everyday production and have a high level of availability, we design them to be very " robust ". Here, "robust" refers not only to the mechanical construction of the machine, but also to beam shaping, laser source and scanner. Through our proven Calibrated Quality Concept (CQC), all optical components are measured and calibrated in our in-house laboratory. This ensures minimum downtime and low maintenance.

EVOSYS process modules are already in use worldwide and have been optimized with numerous automation companies and integrators. Both the mechanical and electrical interfaces can be optimally integrated through clever standardization. Due to the well thought-out design, the welding systems can be quickly and easily adapted to almost any application. For the system controls for the process modules, Evosys Laser also relies on PLC technology from market leaders. A specially developed HMI ensures a uniform user interface, independent of the PLC manufacturer. The intuitive user interface allows easy handling of the control and the specially developed process software EvoLaP allows quick adaptations to existing processes or the setup of new ones.


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