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Laser Kunststoffschweißen

The new compact laser welding machine EVO 2800

Laserschweißmaschine EVO 2800

With the EVO 2800, Evosys Laser GmbH has developed a new generation of laser welding machines for industrial production. With this system, we have responded to customer requests so that our clients can use laser welding of plastics in their production faster and more economically.

The EVO 2800 is equipped with the latest technology for laser plastic welding and can be used quickly, space-savingly and economically in production. The new system is primarily designed for the processing of small and medium series. Depending on the application, the machine can be equipped with different laser sources and optical modules, thus offering a wide range of applications. With a footprint of approx. 1 m², the system fits into almost any application environment. Almost maintenance-free and service-friendly, the EVO 2800 is predestined for use in 24/7 production.

For convenient operation, the new system is equipped as standard with our intuitive EvoLaP process software and can therefore also be used for a wide range of different machining tasks. It is ideally suited for use in the automotive sector as well as in the variants developed for this purpose in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. Possible applications include the manufacture of sterile packaging, microfluidic components and lab-on-a-chip systems. The EVO 2800 is designed for manual assembly by an operator, or for automatic assembly by a handling or robot system.

The EVO 2800 undergoes Evosys Laser GmbH's proprietary sophisticated CQC procedure. The so-called "Calibrated Quality Concept" ensures that the welding process technology of different systems is comparable. The system is available with various online monitoring modules to ensure quality even during production at the customer's site.

This makes the EVO 2800 a universal solution for laser welding of plastics. You can find out more about our product portfolio by telephone at +49 9131 - 81497 - 29 (Holger Aldebert) or by e-mail at