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More efficiency with patented welding process

Evosys Laser GmbH recently started offering a new, patented welding process that leads to a significant increase in efficiency. With so-called Advanced Quasi-Simultaneous Welding (AQW), selected plastics can be processed even more economically.

Laser welding of plastics is already an extremely economical joining process in its usual form. Today, it is used in almost all industries.

The experts of the Evosys team are constantly tinkering to further improve the reliability and efficiency of laser welding. With the new, patented AQW process, this has now been achieved for selected plastics. Numerous test series have shown that welding times can be significantly reduced in some cases. The process makes use of the absorption properties of the plastics and combines two different wavelengths that are alternately guided over the welding zone in a controllable pattern.

Experience with Advanced Quasi-Simultaneous Welding shows an improvement in process time compared to the standard process with only one laser source. The new process can be applied to materials such as PC, but other common plastics are also conceivable in the future.

Parallel to the patent granting process, the necessary system technology for the AQW process was developed and optimized for series use. The new process can be tested as of now in our EVOSYS technical center and can also be used for subsequent series production.

Do you have any questions about our new process? We will be happy to clarify them. You can reach us by phone at +49 9131-4088-1029 (Mr. Holger Aldebert) or via E-Mail to

Welding time reduction with the AQW process for material PC with primary radiation only (left) and AQW (right).
Automotive components such as this automotive taillight are suitable for the new AQW welding process.