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Evosys Laser GmbH receives top rating - healthy growth and successful year 2018

Evosys Top Rating

The EVOSYS Group looks back on a very successful year 2018. After consolidation of the figures, it is certain that expectations have been exceeded and that the future trend is right. After Evosys Laser GmbH, which was only founded at the end of 2015, was able to close the second fiscal year with a small profit earlier than expected, the trend continued in 2018. Sales and earnings increased again in 2018. The number of employees worldwide grew to over 50.

EVOSYS also got off to an excellent start in 2019. The positive tendency from 2018 could be taken along despite the more turbulent market environment. The Group also expects the rest of the year to go according to plan.

Management attaches particular importance to stable and sustainable business. "We are not concentrating on a single major customer and rapid profit, but have positioned ourselves broadly right from the start," says managing partner Frank Brunnecker. With its solutions, the EVOSYS Group is represented in all important industries and is therefore less susceptible to fluctuations in individual sectors or markets.

EVOSYS is also proud of the top rating of its house bank, which has been responsible for business development since the company was founded and is informed in detail about the economic situation. For 2018, the rating has already been raised to an excellent level that usually only long-established companies can achieve. The Bank particularly praises the high level of transparency and the sustainable, well-planned development of the company.

The excellent overall performance is also confirmed by the nomination of Evosys Laser for the Bavarian Founders' Prize 2019. An important criterion for successful participation in this highest award for a company in Bavaria is, in particular, long-term stability.

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