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Evosys with new premises in North America

Denis Wittmaier
George Tank

Customer focus is always a decisive factor for us. That's why the goal of our US location in particular was to be able to serve international and North American customers directly on site. We can now guarantee this with our own technical centre, which is equipped with a laser welding machine and the necessary measuring equipment to check weld seams. Our customers in North America can thus have test welds carried out on their own parts within a very short time. The scope of services is supplemented by experienced service technicians who take care of the customer systems, from commissioning to regular maintenance.

With our own EVOSYS location in North America, we underline our approach of long-term and sustainable customer loyalty. We always want to be in close contact with our customers in order to be able to quickly take up and implement new requirements and developments.

Our new location has a floor space of 2,400 sqm and thus offers sufficient space for new challenges. Our colleagues Denis Wittmaier and George Tank are looking forward to your enquiries.
You can reach EVOSYS North America Corp. in Michigan, Auburn Hills, by e-mail at or by phone at +1 248 973 1703 (

The new EVOSYS premises in Michigan, Auburn Hills, offer sufficient space for new challenges.