NL_2020-05 DCT Story - Evosys Laser


Laser Kunststoffschweißen

DCT Laser Solutions GmbH founded in Erlangen

Since March, DCT Laser Solutions GmbH is now officially available to customers in Europe as a contact partner. The main objective of the company is to distribute the technology of DCT Co, Ltd. and to offer the corresponding after-sales service. In addition, the company will further develop the parent company's products and software for the European market. Here, DCT offers solutions for laser micromachining in the electronics industry and for fast PCB prototyping and production. The portfolio also includes software solutions for PCB design and computer aided manufacturing such as EDWin and CircuitCAM 7. Consulting and services for laser material processing round off the range of products and services. In addition to the Europe-wide distribution of DCT products and the corresponding customer support, the Erlangen-based company also offers comprehensive technical advice.

At its headquarters in China, DCT develops and manufactures laser material micromachining systems and equipment for fast and flexible PCB production. These include ultra-fast laser micromachining systems in the pico/femtosecond range, laser systems for direct PCB production or separation as well as precise metalworking systems. The direct laser processing technology works fast, precise and environmentally friendly and replaces the indirect processes, which usually do not work without chemicals. Also no molding- or intermediate processes are required. The biggest advantage of the laser, however, is that it allows even freer design options in the development of components than with conventional processes. This is not the only reason why the laser offers a very good price-performance ratio.

For Evosys Laser GmbH and its customers the advantage of this cooperation is obvious. On the one hand, there are more contact points available due to the larger worldwide network. On the other hand, solutions in adjacent production processes can be offered quickly and easily.

The DCT DirectLaser U2, a multifunctional tool for laser micro processing
The DCT DirectLaser U2, a multifunctional tool for laser micro processing