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Evosys Laser GmbH invests in production and digitalisation at its main site

The EVOSYS Group is looking ahead as an innovation leader thanks to an unbroken positive trend. Now, following the expansion of the site in China and the opening of Evosys North America Corporation, investments are being made in production and digitalisation at the main site.

Healthy demand, long-standing, satisfied customers and continuous growth since the company was founded require regular adjustment of capacities and processes. For this reason, the existing reserves of production space at the headquarters in Erlangen are now being activated and, at the same time, production is being digitally updated. The second production hall, previously only used as a storage area, has been in operation for a few weeks and is now being successively adapted to the requirements. In addition to further space for the installation of customer systems for laser welding, more rooms are being created for test facilities of the technical centre in order to continue to be able to guarantee the fast response times for the processing of customer components. Due to increased demand, new space will also be made available for the subsidiary Evosys Laser Services GmbH, which offers contract welding of small and medium series.

As part of the expansion, the processes for assembly, project management and CIP are being digitalised in production. In addition to tablets, the employees will also receive workstations for viewing assembly drawings and 3D machine models.

The existing, end-to-end digital processes of CAD, PDM and ERP are also currently being raised to a new, future-proof level. In order to be more flexible in the future in the choice of work location, the systems are being integrated and virtualised as far as possible in a company-internal cloud solution. This reduces the data rates and computing power required outside the cloud. Expensive and large workstations can thus be dispensed with and work from the home office is made easier. The solution also scores in terms of security, as all data remains within the company, even during processing.

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The premises of Evosys Laser GmbH in Erlangen, Germany.