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Principle of Quasi-Simultaneous Welding

Quasi-simultaneous welding is a frequently used variant of laser plastic welding. The weld seam is traced several times at high speed with a focused laser beam. During this process, all areas of the weld seam are heated and melted almost simultaneously (i.e. quasi-simultaneously). Our animation explains this process in a simple way.

A robust and economical process with outstanding process reliability

Due to the simultaneous melting of the entire weld contour and the clamping force applied by the clamping technology, both joining partners move towards each other, and melt is expelled at the side of the weld seam. This joining path can compensate for component unevenness, and measuring this movement is also suitable for process control.

Strong for housings and flat components

The quasi-simultaneous welding process is usually chosen for sealing housings and sensors of all kinds. Flat components such as electronic housings in the automotive or consumer sector can also be joined quickly and precisely.