High-end laser systems for material processing.

High-End Laser-Technology


EVOSYS develops and manufactures customized laser systems for material processing. With many years of market and process experience, we offer creative and innovative solutions for challenging applications - especially for laser plastics welding.



Innovative laser-technology
Quality -
High-Tech made in Germany
dynamic und flexible

We are your global partner for high-end laser systems

Whether it’s a simple off the shelf machine or a complex customized system, EVOSYS is the ideal partner to implement your challenges into solutions.

Through a partnership with our customers, we can integrate complex systems into existing production processes.

EVOSYS 050 Base Module

High-end laser module for material processing including beamforming, control and safety technology.

Extendable through modular design to the following process modules:

  • EVOSYS 0600 fixed optics

  • EVOSYS 0700 radial optics

  • EVOSYS 0800 galvanometer scanner



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